About me

Stories are proposed, emails bleep their arrivals, then through the process of collaboration and to the rhythm of the ticking clock, acceptable images emerge.

Alongside this process, accidental nonsenses may emerge and await an outlet. I’ll post them here too.

I am an illustrator and imagemaker, that’s me, that’s what I do.

My illustrations have appeared inside and outside the following titles:

Time Newsweek New York Times The New Yorker Harvard Law Bulletin The Atlantic Boston Globe The Los Angeles Times The Guardian The Telegraph The Financial TimesEsquire GQ New Scientist Nature The Economist Reader’s Digest.


My short films have screened on Channel Four, Sundance Channel and have travelled in festivals worldwide particularly Japan, Korea and Taiwan. One of them (End of the Street) was nominated for a British Animation Award.

If it’s a commission you’d like to discuss, please skip over to my representatives Heartagency.com for a more ‘curated’ selection of commercial work (and no ranting and no recipes)

Otherwise, click clack and feedback.

Supercheers and lovely


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